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Great ideas in the hands of morons

The invention of the ATM was without doubt the most brilliant idea ever. Instead of having to rush down during your lunch break in order to get enough money out for the week, and then queue ages and be late for work, you could get money quickly and easily from a machine outside at anytime of the day or night. They have even made it easier for you get money, by allowing you to get it from a bank other than your own. So why is that when I go to my cashpoint now and put in my card I get the message, 'Would you like to check your balance before you proceed?' and have to read this message each time and answer yes or no before I can get my money? If I wanted to check my balance first then I'd press the button at the main menu that says, 'check balance.' Thus the whole concept of getting your money quickly is hampered by the morons who program these machines and seem to think that this is more efficient and going to help you. However did they get their brains?

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