When people think of Ireland, they might think of Guinness, music or even Leprechauns, but did you know that Ireland has a King?
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A 280-mile solo hike across Ireland.

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Book Excerpts
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To the End of the World and Back


Prologue: Never Laugh at Sniffer Dogs
1, Coming of Age in Buenos Aires
2, No Direct Buses
3, From One Extreme to the Other
4, The End of the World
(Tierra del Fuego)
5, The Pendulum (Torres del Paine National Park)
6, A Patagonian Adventure
7, A Welcome Return to the Warmth
8, A Bloody Big Volcano
9, Nathalie
10, The Long Walk Home
11, ¡Bolivia! ¿Es posible? (Four days across the Bolivian Altiplano)
12, Bad Roads
13, Final Destination
14, The Land That Time Forgot
15, A Good Deed
16, A Most Bizarre Tour
17, A Welcome Surprise
Epilogue: A Perfect Ending (or is it?)


Hot Footing Around the Emerald Isle


1, A Pint of Murphy’s. Please!
2, A Load of Blarney (Kissing the Blarney Stone)
3, Dangerous Country Roads (County Cork)
4, Baltimore
5, Unofficial Closing Times
6, A Real Backpacker for a Day
7, Early Buses
8, Gluttons for Punishment
9, Tourists and a Dolphin
10, An Odd Blend of Music
11, Man of Aran
12, A Familiar Face
13, An Audience with a King (Trip to Tory Island)
14, Mad Dogs and an Englishman
15, A Pub Crawl of Letterfrack
16, New Shoes
17, Gypsies, Handicaps and Bad Feet
18, A Very Long Rest

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