When people think of Ireland, they might think of Guinness, music or even Leprechauns, but did you know that Ireland has a King?
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A 280-mile solo hike across Ireland in aid of asthma research.

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Hi there, welcome to my site. It's a fun, eco-friendly site made entirely from recycled computers. There are lots of amusing travel articles, photos from my travels, information about me and a new online guide to some of the best places I have been in my years of travelling. I am a travel writer and photographer, among other things. In-between all this I run a PC repair business and an English language consulting, writing service to supplement the small income I obtain from travel writing and help pay for the very long solo adventures I like to undertake.

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Mysterious World: Ireland.

is your ultimate guide to travel destinations around the country, and tells you the history, legends and mythology associated with the area, along with all the best places to stay, eat and drink, and how to get there.
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Hot Footing Around the Emerald Isle
Special ebook edition now available with almost 100 full colour photographs and 18 new articles inspired from my return journeys to Ireland.
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To the End of the World and Back
Special ebook edition now available with almost 140 full colour photographs from the journey.
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Interested in learning photography?

I run a series of on location photography courses for groups or individuals looking to improve their photography skills using a hands on approach. I offer a private photography workshop, a group day out or individual hourly tuition. For more information,click the banner below.

About me

Over the past years I have travelled through Australia, Mexico, North America, Spain, Ireland, South America, Cuba, New Zealand and Slovenia. In 1997 I started working on a series of travel books charting my adventures in these countries. They tell of my experiences and of the colourful characters I met along the way. The reason I started writing these books was to show people just how much fun and adventurous travelling can be, and how it is not as dangerous as many might perceive. I also wanted to show that travelling alone need not be as lonely as you might think. These books are a perfect example of that. Besides, I have a terrible memory, and so at least this way when I'm old and grey, sitting in my rocking chair with my pipe, slippers and incontinence pants, I'll be able to read my books and think, blimey did I do that?

To the End of the World and Back was the first of these books to be published.

In the summer of 2003 I hiked solo for 280 miles across Ireland, from Wexford to Donegal, in aid asthma research. Visit the walk for asthma link for more info and an article I wrote about it.

In keeping with the emerging interest in ebooks, My third title is an e-book story of my second ever long solo journey. It tells of how, as a novice traveller, I set off on an amazingly profound and comical four-month journey around the whole of Mexico. My two paperbacks, To the End of the World and Back and Hot Footing Around the Emerald Isle have also been released as e-books complete with over a hundred full colour photographs from each journey, and Hot Footing now also contains 18 new articles from return journeys to the Emerald Isle.

My latest paperback is a collaboration with Douglas Elwell called Mysterious World: Ireland, a lavishly illustrated history book/travel guide focusing on the history and ancient mysteries of Ireland. Learn about the fairies, giants, leprechauns, ancient kings and the many Celtic deities that have all left their indelible mark upon Ireland's culture and traditions. Find out where many of the country's ancient megalithic structures, fairy trees, raths and other sacred places lie, and read what the archeologists and tour guides won't tell you, the legends and folklore behind them. For example, if you take the tour of Newgrange, the guide will not tell you that according to Celtic mythology this, the greatest of all the burial mounds of Ireland, was once the fairy palace of the Dagda, the father god of the Tuatha de Danann, a magical race who once inhabited Ireland and were defeated by the Celts and driven from the land into the underworld to become known as the Sidhe (fairy folk) of Ireland.

As well as writing books I have also written for Backpacker Ireland, Walking World Ireland, Mysterious World USA, Take your Car UK, Hackwriters and the Basingstoke Gazette. If you would like to read the articles published so far then please visit the Articles link above. Please email me if you would like to offer me work, commissioned or not.

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If you have read either of my books and would like to submit a review then please email it to me on the above address. All good reviews will be published on the review page of this website.

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During my years of travelling I've met many talented people: musicians, writers. To this end I've created the Talented Travellers page dedicated to these people who I feel will be very famous one day.

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Personal Info

I am 47 years old and married. However, for years before that I was on the lookout for an attractive woman to accompany me to social functions, as the inflatable doll was becoming a bit old and worn and had the embarrassing habit of falling face-first into its dinner. My search came to an end when I met, Nika, a beautiful girl from Slovenia who stole my heart, shares my passion for travel and has somehow managed to put up with me ever since, and made me the happiest of men when she married me.

My first loves are travelling, comedy and music. The first two I do extremely well with my writing and backpacking. The third I try to do when I can. I play a bit of guitar and sing on occasions, when I think no one is listening - I could be a famous musician, if I had any talent.

From 1999 to 2004 I lived a lot in Wexford, Ireland. After my original trip there I fell in love with the country, and Wexford. My original journey is the subject of my second book, Hot Footing Around the Emerald Isle.

Well, that's all about me. I'd go on but I wouldn't want the suicides of countless people on my conscience. So I'll leave you to enjoy this website. I especially recommend the Articles link. If you wish to contact me to comment on any of my books then please email me on:

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I am always happy to hear your comments. But please no death threats or hysterically-obsessed fans, I'm not famous enough for that yet.