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Book Reviews - To the End of the World and Back

Newspaper Reviews
South East Voice, Ireland's Free Newspaper.

29 November 2001

It's one thing to have been immersed in such an experience as Ian's, quite another to reproduce it for the reader so vividly that you can virtually visualise the magic of each moment. In telling this story Ian brings many enviable gifts to his task; an ability to tell a multi-faceted story in a fluid, coherent narrative form; a sardonic wit; an eye for comic detail and gift for consistently transporting the reader to the heart of his experiences.

The story surges forward with all the urgency of the Slaney during a spring flood. As the reader is carried along with Ian on his inexorable trip to the end of the world, his story occasionally restrains the action to flesh out the detail of a particular experience for the reader, working up the reader's enthusiasm for another slice of the action.
That Ian manages to combine all these skills in his narration is a testament to his ability as a writer.

If you are looking for an exciting and enthralling story told with an extraordinary clarity, this book is for you. Read the full review...

Angela Turnball, Salisbury Journal.

4 April, 2002.

Through desolate and spectacular landscapes, from sea level to the heights of Bolivia, Ian's account of his adventures and misadventures is always engrossing.

This is a travel book that passes the ultimate test - you wish you were there too.

Reader's Reviews
Sungnam Lee,
Hey Ian,

I just finished your book "To the End of the World and Back". Your book has opened a world that some of us will only dream of traveling. You have inspired me to keep a travel journal for my memories. I was suprised to read of the swiss couple that settled in Chile. Since I have been to Switzerland and seen its beautiful landscapes.


Leeanne, UK

24th Feb 2003

Hi Ian

I don't know if you remember me (I worked opposite you at the interhol exhibition - I was the annoying one who kept saying "would you like to enter a free prize draw?"!!) Anyhow I have just read both of the books that I bought off you at the exhibition and I just had to email you and say that they were the funniest books that I have read for a long time. My boyfriend thought it quite strange when he was sat in the lounge and he heard me laughing in the next room!.

Your books are both exciting and fulfilling whilst also having a very educational side without the reader feeling preached to. I know so much more about both South America and also Ireland that I did before and am grateful to you for opening my eyes and helping me to see these place in an unbiased way.

Good luck with both the travelling and the writing!!


Carl Woodman. International Kiwi.

I picked up my copy at the Independent Travellers Exhibition in London where Ian's photographic display of his expeditions caught my eye. His book is an inspiring, raw account of the humorous and taxing trials of a financially challenged and incident-induced global expeditioneer. Ian Middleton illustrates an honest, blatant view of backpacking life, giving an insight to the fundamental reasons why we love to traipse into the unknown mysteries of cultural diversification and unimaginable lands. 'To the End of the World and Back' is packed with beauty and culture that not only re-captured my personal appreciation for South America, but also rejuvenated my interest to visit other places I had not. I will definitely be going back to catch up with Fernando!!.
Felix, Spain.

Me llamo Felix y te escribo este email despues de haber leido tu libro <To the end of the world and back>. Tuve incluso la oportunidad de hablar contigo unos minutos, puesto que lo compre en la exposicion para independens travellers, celebrada en el Business Design Center en Islington (London), el mes pasado. Como te dije, yo tambien he viajado a Sudamerica un par de veces, concretamente a Bolivia y a Peru. Es por esto que la ultima parte de tu libro, en la que relatas tus aventuras por Bolivia, me ha llegado mas profundamente que el resto. Ademas no se por que, tengo la sensacion de que a ti tambien te sorprendio mucho mas este pais que Chile o Argentina. No es cierto?.Al menos esto es lo que me ha parecido una vez terminado el libro.

My name is Felix and I write you this email after having read your book <To the End of the World and Back>. I also had the opportunity to talk with you for a few minutes as I bought it at the Independent Traveller's World Show in the Business Design Centre in Islington (London) last month. As I said, I have also travelled in South America sometimes, mostly in Bolivia and Peru. It's because of this that the last part of your book, where you tell of your adventures through Bolivia, had a deeper meaning for me than the rest. Besides, I don't know why, I have the feeling that it also surprised you much more than Argentina or Chile. I'm not certain? Anyway this is how it seemed to me one I had finished the book.

Nika Bozic, Slovenia

Duhovita in zabavna!

To the End of the World and Back…. besede, ki nosijo svojo tezo.
Od sapo vzemajocih trenutkov nekje dalec za zarecim obzorjem, kjer ujamemo utrinek popolne srece, pa do tistih obupanih momentov, ki te lahko oropajo slehernega upanja.

Ian ni le izpolnil svoje dolgoletne zelje potovati na Ognjeno zemljo, dozivel je se vse tisto, ki nas doleti, ko vzamemo vse stvari in odrinemo raziskovat sirni svet.
Vse kar je naredil je, da je prepustil toku dogodkov, da mu popestrijo celotno potovanje in prinesejo stevilne cudovite ljudi, ki so mu prihajali naproti.Tako je z njimi delil vse tiste magicne trenutke, pa tudi vse tiste ne lepe dozivljaje, ki bi se lahko slabo koncali.
Osebno zelo spostujem Ianovo iskreno pisanje, pa naj bo to karkoli. Njegova osebna mnenja, cudoviti opisi narave, ljudi in nenazadnje tudi njegovi slabi momenti, za katere sem prepricana, da jih vsak popotnik zelo dobro pozna in preko tega cuti globoko spostovanje do pisatelja.
Nedvomno je tudi kvaliteta Ianovega pisanja njegovo hudomusno pisanje, ki osvetli se tako pesimisticne trenutke potovanja in daje mocno zagotovilo, da je vredno vcasih potrpeti marsikaj. Poleg tega pa te prisrcno branje pripravi do gromozanskega smeha.

Mislim, da sta mi pri srcu najbolj poglavja o Ognjeni zemlji in vse dogodivscine, ki so se Ianu pripetile in navsezadnje samo vznemirljivo potovanje po bolivijskem Altiplanu pa vse do skrivnostnega jezera Titikaka in gostoljubnosti ljudi.

Knjiga je cudovita priloznost za mnoge ljudi, ki nenehno radi potujejo, odkrivajo nove dezele in razburljive dogodivscine. Knjigo toplo priporocam vsem tistim zeljnim, ki bi radi spoznali, kdo si ljudje tam doli, na drugem koncu sveta. Ali pa vsem tistim, ki so zeljni podobnega izziva, ki ti vtisne nepozaben pecat in se bolj obogati popotnisko duso. To je knjiga, ki so jo zelis prebirati vedno znova in znova.


Witty and adventurous!

To the End of the World and Back…. words that have its meaning.
From breathtaking moments somewhere behind the glowing horizons, where we catch the glimpse of perfect happiness, to those desperate moments which can deprive you of all hope.

Not only did Ian accomplish his dream of travelling to Tierra del Fuego, it was much more than that. He has experienced all that comes our way when we pack all our things in search of the outside world. All he did was to let events come his way, to variegate the whole journey and especially to bring us all those wonderful people he met. That's how he shared all the magical adventures, and all misfortunes that could have turned out very badly.

Personally I admire Ian's sincere writing. Its integrity in all aspects. From his personal views to wonderfully written descriptions of nature, people and finally his bad moments.

I am certain all backpackers can relate to how extremely frustrating those moments are. When it seems like good fortune has turned its back on you. Therefore the reader can create a more stronger bond throughout reading and consequently establish a higher respect for the writer. Another great quality represented by the author is without doubt his witty and hilarious writing. The touch of waggishness follows you in every chapter and enlightens sometimes pessimistic and tiring days whilst backpacking. Also, it gives you a great reassurance that it's worth it to be a little more patient at times. On the top of all that, you get the chance of a good laugh.

It's hard to make a decision which part of the book I enjoyed the most, as this is the kind of book you want to read over and over again. Nevertheless I would like to point out the chapters about Tierra del Fuego and all the adventures that happened to Ian along the way, ups and downs of the Uyuni tour across the Bolivian Altiplano, and lastly the mysterious Lake Titicaca with its incredible people. These are all my favourite ones.

The book is a magnificent opportunity for all kinds of people. For all those who love the wonders of travelling, discovering diversity of countries and on the other hand for all those wild adventure chasers. I highly recommend it to all eager ones, who would like to know who are the people down there, on the other side of the world. Or for those who are also excited to undertake the same kind of challenges, which leave you with remarkable memories and many fascinating stories to tell.

Can't wait to read Ian's forthcoming book!

Lydia Katabazi, California.

Oct 18th 2002

Hi Ian!

I recv'd your bk last week, but had not had a chance to read it. Well today at lunch time, I decided to take it out & read it; mann, I was rollingggg!!!!!!! I laughed sooo hard, Oooh! The 1st introductory page - that's what had me in stitches! Then I began to read, & I swear I am not trying to jaz you up; I could picture you staring at Latina girls,& it was just so funny! So now I am hooked. I think you are so humourous,

I guess it's the dry British humour. I came to my desk & thought, I gotta tell him. So there - I think you are cool writer for someone who just began.

And the humour just hooks you on - the pages then fly after that. You know, I am a firm believer that any writer has the 1st few seconds to hook on a reader or else the potential is high, one may not read from that author again.

The sad news is that the writer may never know this. The reader does not need to negotiate to like the book later in the readings. Well you beat my theory. You hooked me at hello on the 1st sentence. Way to go!!



Carol White, UK.

Oct 26th 2002.

"It's one of the best books I've read"

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